Xeriscape and Rock Garden

Donated by Nita Glickberg

About: Did you know that the common turf grasses covering lawns across America are the single most irrigated crop in the US, as measured by surface area? Typical “yard grass” covers nearly 50,000 square miles of our country. We can potentially cut this high water usage—in addition to the high costs of maintenance and fertilizer—by more than half if we start to fill our lawns with water-conserving and drought-tolerant plants, such as the ones found in this Xeriscape Garden. This environmentally friendly and resource-conserving landscape offers economic and ecological alternatives that can help us change the way we think about our lawns.

Objective: Water conservation; drought-tolerant naturalized and native plants; integration of a natural rock outcrop into the overall landscape; diverse food source for pollinators.

Curriculum Content: Botany, entomology, geology, soil science, water conservation, horticulture,  organic management, arts and crafts, trough-making.

The Suburban Landscape: Conserve water & lower water bills; provide a food source for pollinating insects; diversify native and naturalized plants that are drought-tolerant.

For a full overview of the plants in the Xeriscape and Rock Garden, please click here: Xeriscape_and_Rock_Garden.pdf

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