Donated by Heather Thomas and Chet Kerr

About: If you’ve ever had rainwater pool up in a spot in your yard after a heavy storm, you’ll appreciate the purpose of rain gardens. The Upper Rain Garden in front of you is naturally irrigated, via gutters and underground pipes, by the unabsorbed water that rolls off the parking lot and the O’Hara Nature Center’s roof. By incorporating strategically chosen plants, we can transform areas that are susceptible to runoff in our properties or yards into rain gardens that take advantage of natural water flows—and counteract erosion or other potentially destructive effects of water runoff.

Objective: Water conservation and the preservation of the natural water cycle; watershed management and water quality improvement; flood and erosion control; establishing a native herbaceous wetland.

Curriculum Content: The water cycle, watersheds, stormwater management practices, water conservation, horticulture, and herbaceous wetland ecosystems.

The Suburban Landscape: Stormwater harvesting, flood control, erosion reduction

The Catch Basin: The basin receives overflow from the Upper Rain Garden.

For a full overview of the Upper Rain Garden, please click here: Upper_Rain_Garden.pdf

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