Edible Forest Garden

Donated by Amy Sherwood

The Sherwood Family Edible Forest Garden is a permaculture approach for people interested in moving their traditional landscape toward a more perennial system that maximizes productive space by replicating ecosystems that exist in a forest.  While not necessarily gardening in a forest, it is gardening like a forest.  Anyone with a patch of land can explore growing an edible forest garden.  They have been created in small urban yards and large parks, on suburban lots and in small plots on rural farms.

OBJECTIVES:  Demonstrate the use of permaculture, a holistic approach based on ecological principles and productive patterns in nature.  Design an intensive food forest on a small scale, replicable in a suburban back yard.  Mimic the structure and function of a natural woodland ecosystem, emphasizing low-maintenance perennial crops.  Provide diverse yields of fruits, nuts, berries, greens and other foods, as well as wildlife

CURRICULUM CONTENT: Horticulture, Permaculture, Ecology, Soil Science

THE SUBURBAN LANDSCAPE: Food production, edible landscape