Bog Garden

Sponsored by Chet Kerr

About: The Bog Garden showcases native plants that live in low-lying nutrient-poor wetlands called bogs. The bog plants selected for our garden include mostly of carnivorous plants such as venus fly traps (droseraceae) and pitcher plants (sarracenia) that are native to the eastern seaboard, in bogs, and other wet locations with acidic soil. Instead of getting nutrients from the soil, the pitcher plant and venus fly traps use enzymes to digest the insects for their nutrition. There are also native non-carnivorous companion plants mixed in such as rushes, perennial flowers, and orchids.

Objective: Water conservation; using rainwater to irrigate our garden instead of municipal water; diversifying and developing wetland and acidic marshy areas

Curriculum Content: Carnivorous plants, water Conservation, wetlands habitat restoration, botany, ecology, horticulture, organic management, arts and crafts, trough-making.

The Suburban Landscape: Decrease water use and lower water bills; learn how to attach a rain barrel to your downspout; use plants to reclaim naturally wet, boggy area in your own landscape.

For a full overview of the Bog Garden, please click here: Bog_Garden.pdf

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