Sponsored by Natalie & Peter Derby

About: Ellie’s Bee, Bird, & Butterfly Garden provides a habitat for a wide range of pollinators, including those in its name, plus other beneficial insects that are critical to the biodiversity of our ecosystem—not to mention critical to our agriculture-based food production. Approximately 90% of all wide flowering plants depend on animal and insect pollination to some extent.

Objective: Provide a habitat for a wide range of pollinators; showcase a wide array of plants that flower at various times of the year; provide a rich, varied, food source for birds, bees, and butterflies.

Curriculum Content: Botany, entomology, environment, life cycles, reproductive cycles, bird habitats, butterfly migration, organic management, horticulture, arts and crafts, trough-making.

The Suburban Landscape: Increase the diversity of flowering fauna in our urban ecosystem. Homeowners can help support the diverse array of beneficial insects and pollinators in our local ecosystem through planting and organically managing their home and yard gardens.

For a full overview of the plants in Ellie’s Bird, Butterfly, and Bee Garden, please click here: Bog_Garden.pdf

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