At 400 Acres, the Irvington Woods is one of the largest forested areas in Southern Westchester. It’s extensive trail way system is accessible from several trailheads for hiking and biking. The Irvington Woods also has tremendous ecological value. As part of one of the largest continuous corridors of open space in the New York City Metropolitan area, it provides sanctuary for diverse wildlife, and includes the largest fresh water wetlands in Southern Westchester county. The land was shaped by numerous continental collisions. Glacial advances within the last few million years modified the territory, as evidenced by the area’s glacial erratics, or boulders that were carried large distances by glaciers. Among the wild variety of plant life existing there are Red Oak, Sugar and Red Maples, Hickory, Tulip, Birch, Sassafras and Dogwood. Near the reservoir are expanses of Beech forest and evergreens including Norway, Spruce, Hemlock and White Pine.

The Irvington Woods and the O’Hara Nature Center are rich with educational value and have been the site for school-based programs with the Irvington Union Free School District and other area schools and recreational sponsored educational programs; and the Irvington Schools’ award winning scholar-athlete varsity cross-country team practices here.

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